I’m starting this blog at a time of year that is usually hectic for me: I’m a teacher, and we tend to get a little bit tense around September 1st. I usually console myself with the small pleasures of new stationery, and topping up my (not exactly ‘capsule’) teacher wardrobe. Still, it’s always sad when the weather grows greyer and the summer holiday ebbs away.

Determined to remain upbeat, I am distracting myself by entering the world of book blogging. I’m seeing this as a natural progression, considering my life is already crammed with all things literary. I teach English. I read. I’m writing my first novel. I spend most Saturdays perusing lovely bookshops with The Rather Bookish Man (TRBM). Oh yes, and we got married two weeks ago… book-themed wedding. It’s been a very special summer.

I will write reviews of what I’m reading, blog about my thoughts on creative writing, as well as anything else book-related. I might even blog one or two of my own stories. I did an MA in Creative Writing, over a year ago now, and it confirmed for me that writing is really the thing I just love to do.

I hope that this blog keeps me reading and writing through the chaos of another school year!

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